Founder of Networking for Healthcare and Organizer Jodi Towns  went on a hunt to find a networking group just for healthcare professionals. Much to her surprise, there were none in her community that actively supported physicians, practitioners and other medical professionals meeting each other to form strategic connections with each other. So she decided to start her own!

Her promise is to keep the group true to just professionals working in a healthcare or medical position. This group is NOT for those who would like to have a DOCTOR as a customer or client. There's plenty of other GREAT groups that offer multi-industry networking. This group and events are for the medical industry ONLY. 

There will be 6-8 Mix and Mingle events planned 2021. 

The Mix and Mingle, after work event will be held every other month on a Tuesday, beginning at 5:00pm. Medical practices are welcome to submit their interest as a "host" location.

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